Parallel Existences. The Notarial Archives: A Photographer's Inspiration

Photographer: Alex Attard.  Editors: Joan Abela & Emanuel Buttigieg.  Publishers: Kite Group, Malta, 2018

“Alex Attard, in the Notarial Archives, discovered unbearable beauty in decay, harmony in disorder and energy in detritus. A photographer who shuns what meets the eye and finds relevance in what the eye ignors or rejects. A photographer of a parallel existence, the poet of junked reality. Alex Attard, more particularly his ground-breaking work, has inspired a number of toilers in the aesthetic and philosophical vineyards to translate into words the aethereal language of that haunting spirit."

"Joan Abela and Emanuel Buttigieg have converged their dynamisms to bring about the first collection of essays inspired by, or related to, the Notarial Archives. A harvest of original works all anchored to the res gestae of our ancestors, mostly bilateral contracts and unilateral wills; in other words, the irrepressible interactions of life and the inevitability of death.”  - Judge Giovanni Bonello

Spontaneous. Do-it-yourself domesticity

Curated by Fabio Cappello and Giuseppe Resta.  Publishers: Casa Editrice Libria, Italia, 2018

Spontaneous investigates architectural practices and discovers ways of inhabiting domestic spaces in the Mediterranean.


Texts and images by Konrad Buhagiar, Alex Attard, Roberto Serino, Ugo La Pietra, Giovanni Corbellini, Ricardo Piè, Davide Pagliarini, Ivan Kucina, Plasticity, Malapartecafè, Fabiana Dicuonzo, Spaces Like Actions, John Gatip, Arcipelago Architettura Collettiva, Ermanno Cavaliere, From Outer Space, Enrico Porfido, Paola Galante, Davide Trabucco, Luca Abbadati. 



Parallel Existences                                      

5th October 2018 - 3rd November 2018

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